7-year-old is gradually losing vision due to rare disease; Run aims to raise money for research

Seeing is believing when it comes to one local boy

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Anthony Ingram is like any other active seven-year-old boy; He fearlessly climbs the jungle gym, bikes faster than his mother would like and has an unmatched curiosity for the world around him.

But this boisterous boy does have one difference from his fellow first-grade classmates at Del Rio Elementary school in Northwest Bakersfield, he's gradually losing his vision.

Anthony has a rare disease called Leber's Congenital Amaurosis or LCA, a condition that is gradually deteriorating his vision.

23ABC spoke with Anthony's mother, Karrie Ingram, about his current condition, "you can be right in front of him and he can't see you, so he's within probably another couple years he will be in total darkness."

However, his looming loss of sight has never slowed the young boy down.

Tony Ingram, Anthony's father, told 23ABC "he's rock climbed, he's surfed, he plays soccer, he plays basketball, plays t-ball, rides his bike, so pretty much anything a kid can do he can do."

To keep with Anthony's active lifestyle the family, for the second year, is hosting Anthony's Seeing is Believing 5K/10K and family walk to help raise money for The Foundation for Retinal Research.

The run is scheduled for February 2nd and for more information on the run and how you can signup click on the link below.



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