Hundreds show up to adopt 66 dogs rescued from poor conditions in West Price Hill

SHARONVILLE, Ohio -- Almost 70 dogs rescued from poor conditions in West Price Hill have been adopted out to new homes.

The SPCA Cincinnati and Cincinnati police rescued 66 dogs from a home on Gilsey Street months ago, where the animals were being kept in a "filthy and inhumane" environment.

SPCA volunteers have been nursing the dogs back to health for the past month and the dogs were finally ready for adoption on Saturday.

"Our medical staff did an excellent job preparing all these animals. They had a number of issues. Really bad dental problems which all have been corrected,” said Harold Dates of the SPCA.

Hundreds of people lined up Saturday morning outside the SPCA’s Sharonville location to bring the dogs to a loving home.

All the dogs were adopted out by noon Saturday, the SPCA said. The organization estimated that about 600 people showed up to the event.

Mike Retzlaff, Cincinnati SPCA operations manager, said each animal was spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, has passed a negative heartworm test and has been given a Hamilton County 2014 dog license.

With help from volunteers, the 46 adults and 26 puppies have learned how to trust people, how to play and how to be loved.

"They're getting used to people and want to get out, be held and be petted," Retzlaff said.

Police and SPCA officials found the dogs in a shed in the backyard of the Gilsey Street home. Some dogs were in poor health at the time of the rescue, Retzlaff said, and are still recovering. They'll need special care after adoption.

"They were basically raised in a breeding kennel and lived in cages all their lives," he said. "The only socialization they've gotten has been here at the SPCA in the last four months."

For more information on pet adoptions, visit the Cincinnati SCPA online .

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