911 calls detail scene where 4 people fatally shot in Waynesville

'They killed my whole family,' relative says

WAYNESVILLE, Ind. - Two 911 calls released days after the killings of four people in a rural Bartholomew County home provided some insight into how the victims were discovered and why police consider the relative who called dispatchers not a suspect.

Katherine Burton, 53, Thomas Smith, 39, Aaron Cross, 41, and Shawn Burton, 41, were shot multiple times, including in the head, investigators said.

Daniel Burton, son of Katherine, called 911 to report discovering the bodies about 10:30 p.m.

"There's two bodies in here, man, and they're dead. They're covered in blood," Daniel Burton said.

Burton suspected that his mother was dead, too.

"My mom's in the bedroom. It's locked and I can't get in. I'm pretty sure she's probably dead, too," Burton told a dispatcher.

Burton said he was aware of crime scene investigations from watching them on television.

"I'm going to get what I can and go outside so I don't disturb the crime scene. I want to know who the {expletive} did this," Burton said. "They're right, it ain't like the movies."

Burton said he discovered two bodies in the living room as he arrived home from work, first noticing the home had been ransacked.

"I walked in, and I noticed that my big-screen TV was missing, so I turned on the light and I saw two dead bodies in front of me," Burton said. "Looks like they both got gunshots to the head."

Burton told the dispatcher that he had gotten off work about 10:20 p.m. and that his workplace could verify through security cameras and his time card that he was there.

In a news conference Tuesday, Bartholomew County Sheriff Mark Gorbett said Burton had been cooperative and is not considered a suspect.

Katherine Burton's body was found in the bedroom. Police said she had also been stabbed.

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