Introducing 'Baxter' - A fresh start for 'Buzz' the hound dog

2-year-old dog has new owners and a new name

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - He gathered a huge following on social media hoping for him to get a new home – and on Saturday, Buzz the hound did just that.

"He's beautiful; he's so amazing, just those ears and those eyes. I don't know how anyone could get him and turn him away," said Buzz's new owners Beth Gorenc and Garrett Houx.

On Thursday, RTV6 reported about two dogs, Buzz, a hound mix, and Woody, a purebred German shepherd , who were adopted together out of the Hamilton County Humane Society.

In the 72 hours since our story went live, the 2-year-old hound has truly generated buzz – along with thousands of comments and clicks.

One of those came from Gorenc.

"I tagged Garrett in it, and I received a message a few minutes later with three words saying, 'Go get Buzz,'" Gorenc said.

The couple then brought their 3-year-old pit bull Alex to meet Buzz at the shelter.

"The first time was great, we kind of did a little meet and greet, walked around, kind of smelled each other. The second time they started to play a little bit," Gorenc said.

And from there, they didn't turn back: Gorenc, Houx and Alex returned to the shelter today with open arms.

"We have beds, food, toys, cage, leashes; you name it, we have it ready for him," Gorenc said.

Not only did Buzz get a new home – he got a new name, too.

"We were thinking with him being a Buzz and he lost his Woody, at that point he needs a new fresh start," Gorenc said. "So we thought a new name, new beginning, so we thought Baxter for it."

Hamilton County Humane Society Executive Director Rebecca Stevens said they shelter is still trying to get Buzz's companion Woody back from their original adopter.

"What I didn't want to do is leave Buzz in the shelter declining and waiting," Stevens said.

When Buzz, now Baxter, and Woody were brought to the shelter, Stevens told us it was immediately clear that the two were especially close.

"[They] stayed in kennels next to each other but we kept the door open for the two of 'em to hang out and it was very clear from the beginning that they were incredibly bonded," Stevens said.

When the two dogs were adopted together by a new owner last week, it seemed like the perfect happy ending – until that owner informed the shelter she would be releasing Buzz because he was aggressive and untrained.

"It's obvious the intention all along was just to adopt Woody," Stevens said.

Stevens said the woman who released Buzz had been reported to Animal Care and Control, but that she does not live in Hamilton County, so it is uncertain if she will face charges.

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