Adrian Anthony makes initial court appearance

Suspect faces murder, rape charges

INDIANAPOLIS - Home-robbery suspect Adrian Anthony -- charged with multiple counts of rape, criminal deviate conduct and murder – made his initial court appearances Tuesday.

From jail, the 20-year-old admitted his involvement in two violent home robberies, but he said he was only in it for the money. He said he did not rape or beat anyone during the home break-ins on the city's north side.

"From them seeing me in their home that night, they knew I wasn't the monster you all are portraying me to be. They know as far as them having a robbery, this was the nicest robber that ever showed up to them," Anthony said.

Anthony is also charged with murder in the Nov. 27 shooting of Robbie Gibson. Police said he killed Gibson for a wallet and cellphone the day before Thanksgiving.

Prosecutors asked that the murder and other charges in that case be moved from Criminal Court 1 to Criminal Court 4 where the home robbery charges will be tried. The judge agreed.

"It's certainly a unique circumstance but it's not something that we haven't dealt with before. Unfortunately, in the past, we've had individuals who pick up crimes when they've been released, so we're not exactly in unchartered territory here. But certainly the nature and circumstances of these particular crimes are a little bit more than what you typically see," Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Ryan Mears said.

Anthony faces more than 100 years in prison for the charges associated with the Nov. 27 shooting.

"I'm ready to get this over with. If I'm never going to see the light of day again I'm ready to accept all of it. I don't got a lot. I'm in the open. God knows what happened and I know what happened," Anthony said.

Anthony is due back in court in a couple weeks for a Review of Counsel hearing. His trial is set for January.

As for how the men chose the houses they hit, Anthony said it was random. He said they happened to see a flat-screen TV through the window at one of the homes.

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