Report: INDOT worker suspected of $33K insurance fraud for ex-wife's benefits

Scott Trammell suspected of insurance fraud

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is demanding that Indiana Department of Transportation field engineer Scott Trammell repay the state of Indiana $33,089.41.

The demand letter is in response to a report from the Inspector General that questioned why Trammell’s second wife received $16,850 in medical claims and $16,239 in prescription claims even though she was ineligible to receive the benefits.

When contacted Tuesday, INDOT spokesperson Will Wingfield referred questions to the Inspector General and the State Personnel Department.

Ashley Hungate, spokesperson for the State Personnel Department, confirmed Trammell is still employed with the state.

The State Personnel Department initiated the investigation on December 18th 2012 and alerted the Office of Inspector General an INDOT employee was suspected of committing insurance fraud, according to the report.
State workers discovered a problem when Trammell reported a new marriage to a third wife on October 9, 2012.

“The employee was still married to wife #1 at the time of his marriage to wife #2,” read the Inspector General report. “The employee stated that at the time he married wife #2 he believed he was already divorced from wife #1.”

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has declined prosecution, but the Attorney General’s office is seeking civil restitution on behalf of the taxpayers.

RTV6 contacted Trammell via phone and email and has yet to receive a response.

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