Animal lovers outraged over dog adopter's actions

Woman adopted bonded pair, set one dog loose

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. - Two dogs at the Humane Society for Hamilton County were best friends and were adopted into a home together, but shelter officials were shocked to learn that one of the two dogs was set loose on the street.

Animal lovers were outraged to learn about the story on social media and staff members at the humane society think the woman needs to be held accountable and face charges.

Buzz, a young energetic hound mix, came to the shelter as a stray with his pal named Woody, a purebred German shepherd.

"Stayed in kennels next to each other but we kept the door open for the two of 'em to hang out and it was very clear from the beginning that they were incredibly bonded," shelter executive director Rebecca Stevens said.

The humane society made it clear that the two canines had to be adopted together.

Stevens said the woman who adopted the pair said all the right things.

"And at the end of the day, if they say all the right things and everything looks good and there's no reason to doubt, you know, you move ahead," Stevens said.

Buzz and Woody had a new home together, but only for a week. Stevens said that is when the woman who adopted the dogs called the shelter to say she was getting rid of Buzz because he was aggressive and untrained.

"It's obvious the intention all along was just to adopt Woody," Stevens said.

Days later, a firefighter in New Palestine found Buzz wandering in a field. The man brought Buzz inside the firehouse to feed him and he called the local shelter. The next day, Buzz was back at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. Staff members said he looked malnourished and like he hadn’t eaten for days.

"Our director of animal control that I have spoken with said there very well may be a case of abandonment, but it would require an investigation," Stevens said.

Stevens would like the adopter to face charges of animal abandonment. She would also like to have Woody back so the two best friends can be reunited and possibly find a permanent home together.

"A deal's a deal and fair is fair and right is right, and she's done the wrong thing by Woody and Buzz and she's  not following through on her commitment and we take that seriously," Stevens said.

The woman in question does not live in Hamilton County so it is uncertain if she will face charges.

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