Annie Gillock, 11, sends 600 cards to Sandy Hook students

Annie wants kids to know 'somebody's caring'

NEW CASTLE, Ind. - A little girl with a big heart organized an effort to send more than 600 cards to Sandy Hook Elementary School, and she mailed them a few days ago.

Annie Gillock, 11, is in 6th grade at Riley Elementary in New Castle. She was touched by the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Conn.

"I was just really, really sad and yeah sort of heartbroken," Annie said.

"As she sat there and watched it several times throughout the day, the tears would roll down her face," recalled Annie's mom, Kathy.

With the help of her parents, Annie organized an effort to collect 600 cards for surviving students at Sandy Hook. 

"When I heard it, I felt bad about all the children and stuff, so I wanted to do something for them," Annie said.

She started her journey over Christmas break and mailed the cards last week.

"It just made me feel blessed that at Christmas time, especially when kids are waiting on this gift or that gift, she was thinking of the other kids instead of what she was going to get," Kathy Gillock said.

Annie and her family say at this point, they don't know if the children have received the cards of course because of all the letters and cards they've already received. 

Annie just says she hopes when they get them, they make them smile.

"For an 11-year-old kid to want to step up and do something like this is a very rewarding for a parent," said Annie's dad, Paul.

Some of the cards are handmade, others were store-bought. Many contained prayers.

"I just wanted to like make them feel like a little happier and know that somebody's caring for them," Annie said.

Annie hoped to collect 600 but ended up mailing 697, with love and a smile from one child to another. 

Annie and her parents say at least 100 school children, mostly from Henry County, handmade or bought the cards for the Sandy Hook students.  

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