Another IRS phone scam hits Hamilton Co.

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - Hamilton County residents have been targeted recently by another phone scam, this one from purported IRS agents.

Sheriff Mark Bowen is warning citizens after a Fishers resident alerted the sheriff's dept. they had been contacted over two days by different people claiming to work for the IRS.

According to the complaint, a supposed IRS agent called the citizen and told him he'd filed his taxes incorrectly for the last 10 years. If the man didn't pay a penalty, the caller warned, a warrant would be issued for his arrest.

The Fishers resident said he was then instructed to go to a grocery store and get a "tax voucher" to send money to the IRS for the penalty.

A different suspect then reportedly called the man claiming to be an employee of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, telling him he would be issuing an arrest warrant if the citizen did not comply.

The sheriff's office is now warning the public that it does not issue warrants for tax issues and will not call and threaten to arrest a citizen for tax issues.  Any person that calls asking for money to be sent by wire transfer or ore-paid Visa card for any reason is more than likely a scam.

The IRS has been contacted regarding this matter and confirmed that the IRS will always attempt to contact a taxpayer by mail first. It is very unlikely that a taxpayer will not know they have an outstanding balance prior to receiving a call. If a taxpayer receives a phone call from someone claiming to be calling from the IRS they should know the IRS will never ask for payment to be made by a specific method or specific brand of credit card. IRS agents are strictly prohibited from being vulgar or abusive to taxpayers, any such behavior should be reported immediately to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. 

If an individual is contacted by the IRS, they can always ask for the IRS agent’s ID number or ask to speak with a supervisor. If there is any question about a taxpayer’s federal tax situation or if a taxpayer wishes to check if they have an outstanding federal tax debt they can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

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