AR-15s flying off shelves in anticipation of stricter gun control measures

Beech Grove store sells 51 AR-15s in 3 days

BEECH GROVE, Ind. - At Beech Grove Firearms, sales are way up. 

Owner Greg Burge said it's all about Second Amendment rights

"On Monday we had 51 AR-15s of different models on the shelves," Burge said. "In the last two and a half days, we have sold 51 AR-15s."

Burge said the AR-15 is a competition sporting rifle, though politicians have deemed it an "assault rifle." 

Burge said customers are buying them up in record numbers in case new legislation outlaws them.

Burge said his sales are not a response to the Connecticut tragedy, but rather a reaction to politicians pushing for gun control.

"They have taken this and made it an attack on the Second Amendment," Burge said. "(People) are mad as hell as to what the politicians are trying to shove down our throat in making this an attack on the Second Amendment."

"It's a horrible thing that happened," said Joseph Dewitt, who owns an AR-15. "It's kind of sad though, all the people who do the right thing, legally own the guns, have to suffer for the few individuals who don't."

Dewitt said the issue with the Newtown tragedy is mental health, not the guns.

"You know, the gun, it could sit there and not be used, or it could be used, but it takes a person to pull the trigger," he said. "It's not the gun itself."

Some are arguing that the Second Amendment specifies only the right to bear arms, and does not necessarily cover certain types of guns. Burge addressed that thought with a question of his own.

"The highest posted speed limit in the state of Indiana is 70 mile an hour," he said. "Why is it that every car made by Ford, Chevy, Kia, Dodge, whatever is capable of going 71 mile an hour, because technically wouldn't that be breaking the law?"

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