Archery rises in popularity among young Hoosiers

Hollywood and pop culture influence young women

CLOVERDALE, Ind. - Archery has increased in popularity throughout Indiana thanks in part to Hollywood and pop culture.

The sport was once associated with deer or turkey hunting, but local instructors have said archery is exploding in popularity across the country.

“Last year we had 85 kids in our club that completed their projects, and this year we should go over 200 kids,” said archery instructor Peg Royer.

Archery clubs are seeing growth in Indiana, especially with young females who are taking interest in the sport.

Royer said one reason for the increase in interest is because of movies like “The Hunger Games” and “Brave”.

“They have finally reached a point in our society that it is ok and cool for girls to do this kind of stuff. Then in the movies, there were girls. That added to it, and we are being accepted as fellow archers now,” Royer said.

The heroines from the movies have inspired local girls to become involved with the sport.

“A lot of girls like Katniss because she’s outgoing and she’s just really cool,” said student Anne Marie Williams.

”Last year we had more girls than we had boys in the club, and it becomes a competition between the boys and the girls,” said Royer.

“Girls can do it, and we want to do what boys do,” Williams said.

Sign up for archery lessons through the local Parks Department or the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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