Arrest warrant issued for man in $2K cancer hoax

Police say Jonathan Fox stole $2,400 in donations

SPEEDWAY, Ind. - An arrest warrant was issued for a man wanted on suspicion of stealing $2,400 in a cancer hoax involving an Indiana State Representative.

Jonathan Fox, 36, faces three felony counts of theft and even duped Rep. Karlee Macer after she tried to put him in contact with the American Cancer Society.

Fox told Macer he was suffering from stage-four terminal cancer and that he was single father with four children. However, he was never diagnosed with the disease.

Macer gave Fox $1,800 but said she became skeptical when he failed to fill out paperwork that would have provided more assistance for his family.

Although Macer was taken advantage of, she said she doesn't regret giving to someone who appeared to be in need.

"I have no regrets helping this wonderful family of four children. It isn't going to change anything I do in the future. I'm already working on helping a few other people, but it is always disappointing," Macer said.

According to court documents, Fox also stole a total of $600 from two other people.  Police said this incident might cause some people to be more skeptical when it comes to charity donations.

"We would all like to think that if someone comes to us claiming to have some sort of terminal illness we can believe them. However, this case shows us we should keep one eye open when it comes to things like that," Speedway Police Sgt. Jim Thiele said.

No mugshot of Fox was released because he has not been taken into custody.

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