Attorney for Indianapolis' weather service chief responds to his removal in sexual harassment case

Daniel McCarthy relieved of duty

INDIANAPOLIS - Days after the top administrator for the National Weather Service in Indianapolis was relieved of his command in a sexual harassment investigation , his attorney is proclaiming his innocence of any wrongdoing.

The Call 6 Investigators first reported Friday that Daniel McCarthy, 56, has been relieved of his command amid allegations of sexual harassment at the local forecasting office.

"(He) is innocent of any allegations of misconduct … and looks forward to clearing his name," his attorney, Joel Kirkpatrick , said Monday.

He declined to reveal any specifics about the allegations against his client.

McCarthy was appointed Meteorologist In Charge in July 2007, according to his blog. He also listed that he is married with three children.

A 32-year-old who works for him, among approximately 25 forecasters at the local office, filed a police report last week stating she is being threatened on Facebook because of the sexual harassment case.

The police report did not spell out her involvement in the case, so it was unclear whether she is the alleged victim in the sexual harassment investigation.

The woman told police that she started receiving threatening text messages from another coworker's wife after McCarthy was removed from his position.

Police wrote in their report that the woman sent officers several Facebook messages from that coworker's wife, but officers wrote that she claims to have deleted the most serious and threatening messages.

"She did this so they wouldn't be seen by her Facebook friends," the officers wrote.

The interim Meteorologist In Charge, Steve Eddy, told the Call 6 Investigators that the woman is a senior forecaster at the office, who is still on the job as usual.

Eddy also said the man whose wife is accused of sending the threatening messages is also a senior forecaster, who also remains on the job during the investigation.

Eddy said he was brought in from Hastings, Neb., to run the Indianapolis weather office during McCarthy's removal. He said the removal of a top official during an investigation, "doesn’t mean they're guilty."

He said he has seen other top meteorologists removed from their commands elsewhere in the past, and some have been returned to the top job after being cleared of any wrongdoing.

Eddy said the Facebook threats are now being rolled into the overall internal investigation at the weather service.

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