Attorney General Greg Zoeller seeks temporary suspensions for 4 Kokomo doctors

Docs at Wagoner Medical Center under investigation

KOKOMO, Ind. - The Indiana attorney general's office has taken action to stop four doctors from practicing, saying all four pose a clear danger to their patients and the public.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller is seeking to temporarily suspend the licenses of four Wagoner Medical Center physicians -- Dr. Don Wagoner, his wife Dr. Marilyn Wagoner, Dr. William Terpstra, and Dr. Robert Brewer -- for dangerous prescribing practices and unsafe drug mixes.

The AG's office says its investigation revealed high prescribing rates for controlled pain medications and numerous patient deaths resulting from multiple drug toxicity.

"Our concern is where opiates are used for pain management purposes, whether they're contributing to or maintaining addictions or contributing or causing deaths in patients who are inappropriate to receive opiate management," said Deputy Attorney General Jessica Krug.

Cindy Malaby is very familiar with Wagoner Medical Center, and she said she's not surprised doctors there are accused of over-prescribing pain medication and causing numerous patient deaths.

Her own husband was a patient of the practice until his death five years ago. Malaby didn't provide details of her husband's death, but she said he was on painkillers prescribed by a doctor at Wagoner Medical Center.

Malaby said some doctors at the medical center have a reputation around town.

"If you want it, they'll give it to you," she said. "You could go in for blood pressure and say, 'Well, I've got this back pain,' and they'll start addressing that."

The medical licensing board will consider all four of the petitions for suspension at its next meeting on March 27.

Wagoner Medical Center has offices in Kokomo and Burlington.

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