AutoReturn will manage all police towing

Price to redeem vechile will remain at $90

INDIANAPOLIS - Expectations are high as the California-based company AutoReturn will make its official debut July 1.

The exclusive contract awarded to AutoReturn covers all police-initiated tows, including rush hour parking violations, abandoned vehicles and those involved in accidents.

The company has pledged to help police work more efficiently and get back into service more quickly.

“The wait for a police officer, we’ve seen dramatic results. In our past experience, we’ve taken over for places that had response times of 30 minutes. Our average in most of our locations is down to 11 or 12 minutes,” said Chief Financial Officer of AutoRetun Ray Krouse.

AutoReturn has a mandate to streamline the recovery process.

Starting July 1, people will no longer have to first report to the police Auto Desk. Instead, they will be able to pay fees and fines at 2400 South Belmont, the same location where they will recover their vehicle.

"It’s not often that someone is happy with having their vehicle towed. But they certainly don’t want bureaucracy behind that after it’s happened,” said Rick Powers with the Department of Code Enforcement.

AutoReturn officials will hire local towing firms to handle the nearly 30,000 police tows per year. They said they will also hire as many as a dozen local employees to work directly within the company.

Company officials said they will open up the market to smaller companies that will generate revenues for everyone, including the city of Indianapolis.

"The contract states that there is a bar of 25 percent of all revenue gets paid to the city over monthly payments. That's compared to a minimum amount of $1.5 million,” Krouse said.

Through the first year of the contract, the cost of redeeming a vehicle from the police impound lot will remain at $90.

In years two and three of the contract, the cost will jump to $110, and in the last two years of the contract, the cost will increase to $130.

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