Baby goats killed by dog in Mooresville

MOORESVILLE, Ind. - Ten baby goats that were being raised by members of the 4-H Club for the county fair were killed by a dog in Mooresville.

Pam Rogers went out to check on her livestock on April 19. Several 4-H’ers showed up to help her.

"When I stepped into the pen I was met by a black pit bull," Rogers said.

Rogers told the girls to stay in their vehicles, and she called her brother John who lives down the street.

"John got here and the dog growled at him as well and started to come after him so he dispatched the dog," Rogers said.

Rogers said the dog left behind absolute carnage. Ten baby goats in the same pen were dead.

Samantha Peters was raising four of those goats. She said she and the surviving goats have been so stressed since the incident, that they are unwilling to go near the area where the goats died.

Rogers said the same dogs are responsible for killing some of her other livestock last fall.

She installed a hunting camera, and sure enough, she caught them rummaging through her barn. She said this time, they appear to have come back with a vengeance.

"To know that all of that hard work is for nothing, I was angry beyond belief," Peters said.

The dog belonged to a neighbor who declined to comment on the situation. Police did not file any initial charges, but have turned their reports over to the county prosecutor for review.

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