Bambi Glazebrook arrested after 3-month-old son found dead

Woman faces murder charge in son's death

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman was arrested Friday on charges of murder and neglect resulting in death a day after her infant son was found dead in a home on Indianapolis' east side.

Officers were called to the 1200 block of Earhart Street on Thursday afternoon to check a report of a child who was not breathing.

Medics took the child, 3-month-old Phillip Robey, to Riley Hospital for Children, where he was pronounced dead.

Homicide investigators were called in, resulting in the arrest of Bambi Glazebrook, 29.

"Honestly in my heart I don't want to believe (she did) it, but, something tells me she did," said Glazebrook's cousin Christine Robertson.

Martha Robertson, another of Glazebrook's cousins, said she repeatedly tried to talk to Glazebrook about the baby's health and well-being.

"I tried to tell Bambi if she didn't take him to the hospital he was going to die," Robertson said. "I know that Bambi wasn't feeding him properly. I never saw her take any formula or anything into the house."

Amanda Robertson, a third cousin of Glazebrook, said the baby was clearly not in good health.

"The baby was malnourished. He was so small, almost four months old, he would have been almost four months old, and barely weighed 15 pounds," she said.

The two cousins said Glazebrook lost her three oldest children to Indiana's Child Protective Services due to neglect. Martha Robertson said Halloween is the day that she knew something terrible could happen.

"Halloween we saw them, and I told Bambi that night, 'You need to take this child to the hospital and get him seen,'" Martha Robertson said.

The cousins got to the scene quickly Thursday shortly after authorities got there, transporting the infant to Riley Hospital.

"When they carried the baby out he was blue," said Amanda Robertson. "She had to have known whether she did it herself or not. I mean, there're stories of her giving the baby NyQuil so he could go to sleep."

Police did not release information about what led to the child's death.

Friday night, the cousins organized a candlelight prayer service with friends and neighbors, outside the home where the alleged murder took place.

Glazebrook is scheduled to make a court appearance on Nov. 13.

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