Bart. Co.'s road salt supply plummets

Crews scrambling to find new salt suppliers

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. - Bartholomew County's salt supply has plummeted, prompting county officials to scramble to find new suppliers ahead of another big snowfall.

Crews have already resorted to using a three-to-one sand/salt mix to stretch the county's dwindling inventory.

Bartholomew County Commissioner Carl Lienhoop said another snowfall could make it difficult to treat major roads.

"You tell me how many more snow events we are going to have and I'll tell you how dire the situation is going to be," Lienhoop said.

Resident Matthew Wasson said County Road 150 North would need to be salted for safe travel.

"It's normally icy. There have been a couple of times this comes up to a little hill. You can't make it up with a two-wheel drive truck. It's hard to make it to work in the morning," Wasson said.

For the record, Bartholomew County has 500 tons of salt, on order.  But of course, there is no timetable for its arrival, Derrik Thomas reported.

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