Bassist Tony Kanal of No Doubt lobbying against bill to ban videotaping at Indiana farms, factories

Kanal lived in Indiana as child

INDIANAPOLIS - Bassist Tony Kanal of the group No Doubt is lobbying against a bill moving through the Indiana General Assembly that would ban videotaping at Indiana farms and factories.

Kanal, who lived in Indiana as a child, wrote Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma to say that the bill would stop whistleblowers from exposing animal abusers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals circulated Kanal's letter Thursday.

Supporters of the measure say farmers and factory owners' names are besmirched on sites like YouTube by activists who selectively edit videos.

The Senate approved the measure 30-20 this week. It's now in the House.

The Senate modified the bill slightly to allow videographers a defense if they provide evidence of abuse to law enforcement within 48 hours of gathering footage.

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