Bell ringing extended for Salvation Army

Nonprofit down $95,000 from 2013 goal

INDIANAPOLIS - The Salvation Army's familiar red kettles will be out a little longer this year in hopes of collecting a little more green.

Officials for the nonprofit said donations are down this year for the annual Salvation Army of Central Indiana Christmas Campaign. They're hoping a longer donation period will help make up for the shortfall.

"We're all needing that little extra push at the end to help us raise that goal," said Major John Turner, with the central Indiana branch of the nonprofit.

The Central Indiana Salvation Army counts on red kettles to bring in a million dollars toward their Christmas campaign. Right now they're about $95,000 behind.

"They try to help other people with their needs," said Pedro, a Hoosier who said he's happy to support the nonprofit's mission.

Kroger and March, the Salvation Army's corporate partners, are allowing an extension for bell ringing this year until New Year's Eve to try to reach the $1 million goal.

Officials say several factors have contributed to a tough season of giving.

"One is the short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas," Turner said. "We had six days less on the calendar this year than we've had in prior years. Then we had that really cold snap, and I think the two of them just created the perfect storm."

The Salvation Army said it hopes to raise $3.2 million total in its Christmas Campaign this year.  Aside from red kettle donations, you can support the organization by mail a check, donating online or through text message.

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