Best deals for back-to-school shopping

Best deals can be shared

INDIANAPOLIS - As many schools gets ready to start again in August, the back-to-school shopping frenzy is in full swing.

Parents aren’t the only ones pinching pennies so experts have tips for both parents and teachers to avoid financial strain.

Teachers are spending more of their own money on basic school supplies for their classroom.

"I think you'll find teachers spend anywhere from $200 to $1,000 out of their own pockets just to get set up," said Teresa Meredith with the Indiana State Teachers Association.

Meredith said money-savvy teachers are going online to save, and the number one site they are heading to is Pinterest.

"They pin coupons that they find a web deal somewhere, they'll pin that in Pinterest to a special savings page for teachers or for educators, and then they'll go there and share that on their Facebooks or on their Twitters and before you know it, a good deal has really taken off," Meredith said.

The savings can really add up.

"A basic notebook that might cost more than a dollar, they can sometimes save as much as 90 cents per notebook depending on the kind of deal or rebate that's being offered," Meredith said.

Parents can search for the same deals online or in stores. Parents and teachers said that timing was everything, especially with all of the sales going on.

Teachers said they always appreciate extra donations of items like cleaning wipes and Kleenex  throughout the entire school year. 

Teachers were also saving by sharing their lesson plans.

One local store, Teachers Treasures, will offer discounts for instructors and is set to open July 29.

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