Best winter weather apps for your smartphone

As a winter weather advisory is set to go into effect across much of central Indiana on Thursday afternoon, your smartphone can help you stay prepared during snowy weather.

Here's a list of the best winter weather apps to be prepared for snowy conditions.

Storm Shield  -- Our app is an indispensable tool to let you know where weather alerts have been issued. It also has a full-featured radar with up-to-the-minute updates. You can choose up to five locations for which to receive warnings, so you can set it to alert you at work, at home, at a relative's home and to track you wherever you go.

Winter Wake-Up – Let’s face it, we have all gone out to the car in the morning only to find a thick layer of frost on the windshield or a fresh layer of snow on the driveway that will prevent you from getting out safely. This app will help prevent being late again for work. It works just like an alarm clock, but if there has been freezing weather or snow the night before, it will automatically wake you up early so you can do whatever needed to deal with the wintry headaches that make you late.

Road Trip Weather  – This app in combination with the Winter Survival Kit are two must-haves for your next trip. It works like your own personal weather report giving you information on where you are headed on a trip and what winter weather conditions can be expected.

Snow Day Calculator  – Every kid, teenager and adult dreams of snow days. This clever app predicts the chances that the next day will be a snow day and close school, which could also mean the rest of your town will be shut down. It automatically gets weather information for specific zip codes and calculates the changes of a snow day.

OnTheSnow Snow Reports  – This app can be a ski or snowboard bum’s best friend. It’s the ultimate guide before you make the call to hit the slopes and provides reports, cameras, weather conditions and much more.

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