Bill to crack down on drone use in Indiana dies in committee

Senate approves study of use of drones in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS - A bill aimed at cracking down on drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, failed to get a hearing in the Indiana Senate.    

As RTV6 reported in October , Sen. Jim Tomes, R-Wadesville, drafted legislation aimed at banning drone activity in Indiana, citing privacy and safety concerns, as well as the cost to taxpayers.
The bill was assigned the Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee but did not receive a hearing.
Instead, the full Senate approved a resolution that calls for a study on the use of drones in Indiana.

“Learning about the unlimited uses of these aircrafts and the intention of making them available to so many organizations and individuals has been interesting,” Tomes said. “We're not talking about recreational radio-controlled airplanes. These unmanned aerial vehicles have the ability to record what’s happening on the ground -- even in the privacy of our personal property -- for the eyes and ears of whoever owns them. They really could present an extensive intrusion on privacy rights, unless limited to military use.”

Tomes said the demand for drones is on the rise.

One list released in 2012 by the Federal Aviation Administration showed more than 60 U.S. entities had applied for certificates of authorization, including police departments and universities.        

“Outside of creating a privacy issue, the operation of drones -- especially by untrained civilians -- brings about a public safety concern,” Tomes said. “Do we want inexperienced individuals flying these aircraft wherever and whenever they feel like doing it? In general, it’s crucial that we study these devices now rather than later, as use is increasing. I look forward to hearing what my colleagues have to say after examining the issue closer.”


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