Bisard guilty: Blood draw discussed, IMPD tries to move forward

INDIANAPOLIS - David Bisard once served as an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, but he is now a convicted felon.

The Marion County prosecutor acknowledged on Wednesday that Bisard wasn’t the only defendant on trial in Fort Wayne.

Bisard left the Allen County courthouse, uncertain about his future. He had emerged from a lengthy, complex and murky legal process where the investigation and the handling of the case was on trial as much as Bisard himself.

"At some point, I think that Officer Bisard had become the villain in all of this. And clearly he was the criminal defendant," Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said.

The case was fraught with mistakes at the outset, over the blood draw, the place where it occurred, the chain of custody and the repeated handling of the sample.

All of the mistakes gave the defense attorneys multiples avenues to exploit the integrity of the process.

Former Lawrence Police officer Lt. Stan Stephens was a member of the multi-agency Fatal Alcohol Crash Team sent to the Methodist Occupational Health Clinic to witness Bisard's blood draw, label the evidence and get the vials to the IMPD property room for storage.

In testing the blood, the jury sided with scientific evidence and not subjective testimony.

It took 13 days of testimony and seven hours of deliberation to find Bisard guilty on all nine counts, including the six alcohol-related charges.

For the Marion County Prosecutor's Office, the Bisard case was all about serving justice and getting out the truth.

"We certainly hoped, absolutely hoped, that as a byproduct of that, we could help restore trust and confidence in our office, and by association, the trust and confidence in our police department. Clearly, it's been tainted by what's happened in the case," Curry said.

Curry said one of his chief aims in trying the case was to restore the faith of the Wells family, Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills in the system.

He accomplished that goal when the victims said after the verdict had been read that justice had been served.

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