Blizzard damage reported at Indianapolis International Airport

Canopy, window damaged during storm, cleanup

INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Airport Authority is tallying damage from this week’s blizzard, with piles of heavy snow resulting in some damage and the snow removal effort being blamed for other losses.

A police officer reported hearing a loud noise on the upper terminal of the airport on Wednesday after the blizzard dumped 7-and-a-half inches of snow on the area.  He looked up and reported that a large amount of snow had fallen from the terminal building down to a canopy near entrance Door Number 6. 

The snow tore through one section of the canopy and bent a second section downward, according to a police report the officer filed yesterday.


Airport spokesman Carlo Bertolini said the area is cordoned off as replacement Plexiglas panels are ordered.  He called the damage “relatively minor” and estimated at $1,000.

The snow removal effort was blamed for additional damage in the terminal area used by American Airlines.

An airport maintenance worker reported that he was driving a snow-blowing machine when he accidentally backed into a window, causing damage to the glass that was described as "extensive."   

The snow-blowing vehicle sustained minor damage to the rear bumper.


Bertolini said a protruding handle on the machine ended up cracking the 3-foot-by-5-foot window, which should cost around $300. He said the window is not located in an area accessible to passengers.

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