Blue Angels still expected at Evansville air show

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - Undeterred by $85 billion in automatic military spending cuts, the Navy's Blue Angels are still expected to perform at an air show in Evansville in July.

Organizers of theĀ  Hadi ShrinersFest tell the Evansville Courier & PressĀ that they have received no cancellation from the jet performance team.

Shriners spokesman Dale Thomas says the team told organizers they intended to cancel their April shows and keep other show dates after that. But he says the real decision is up to Congress, which is currently battling over the automatic spending cuts.

He says organizers have lined up five other acts for the air show and are still negotiating with two others.

Even if the Angels have to cancel, Thomas says the air show will go on as scheduled.

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