Boston bombings survivor given medal for bravery through Indiana doctor's Medals4Mettle program

Kaytlin gets medal from past Boston Marathon champ

BOSTON - The generosity of an Indiana doctor who gives out medals to brighten brave patients' moods has touched one of those wounded in the Boston bombings.

Dr. Steve Isenberg was honored with a Jefferson Award earlier this year for creating the program Medals4Mettle, which takes medals donated by marathoners and presents them to deserving patients.

Kaytlin was the first victim of the Boston bombings to arrive at Massachusetts General Hospital that day, driven there by her boyfriend.

Before she was discharged recently, Olympian and four-time Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers presented Kaytlin with a medal through Isenberg's program.

"I know you're going to be departing. I've got you a medal here, a Boston medal, actually given by a friend of ours," Rodgers said.

Medals4Mettle has 60 chapters throughout the United States and four other countries.

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