Cancer awareness campaign sparks outrage

"I wish I had breast cancer" line offends many

INDIANAPOLIS - An ad designed to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer has sparked outrage around the globe – especially among breast cancer patients and survivors.

The ad appears in the United Kingdom and is designed to highlight the low survival rate of pancreatic cancer. It features patients saying they wished they were diagnosed with other types of cancer, British website DailyMail reported .

In a controversial line of the campaign by Pancreatic Cancer Action , a woman says "I wish I had breast cancer." 

Critics say the ad is insensitive and and hurtful to all cancer victims and their families.

Central Indiana resident Leisa Ward is battling breast cancer for the third time. She thinks the ad campaign is outrageous.

"The treatment is not fun, let’s put it that way," Ward said. "I would hate for them to walk in any of those shoes, any of them but to say I wish I had breast cancer or to say I wish I had a different kind of cancer is not the way to do it."

Critics have taken to social media to speak out against the campaign. An official with the charity said many people have not heard of pancreatic cancer until they are diagnosed with it. She thinks awareness is key and believes the organization has achieved the goal of starting a conversation.

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