Cancer group praises Lance Armstrong's contributions despite doping confession

Armstrong admits doping to Oprah

INDIANAPOLIS - Despite those who can't see past cyclist Lance Armstrong's years of cheating and lying, there are millions more who are thankful for the work his foundation does.

Stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from the sport for life, Armstrong reportedly came clean about doping in a taped interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While Armstrong's reputation is forever tarnished, the man labeled a liar and a cheat has also helped raise millions of dollars for people at the most desperate point in their lives through his Livestrong Foundation.

The Cancer Support Community of Central Indiana helps more than 1,100 cancer patients free of charge, and the Livestrong Foundation provides materials and money for its national organization. Leaders are concerned about what happens now.

"Cancer's not sexy and it's not easy to fundraise for," said Kathleen Spears, president and CEO of Cancer Support Community of Central Indiana. "So any dollar or penny that we get we covet and hold onto. And to see that go away would be more devastating than what he did."

And in the vast court of public opinion, that fact is not lost.

For many cancer patients and survivors, Armstrong's contributions rank far above a sport and titles and a disgraced former athlete's confession.

Winfrey's interview with Armstrong airs Thursday and Friday nights.

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