Car in hit-and-run crash that killed baby was going 91 mph

Baby Yeshua Shafford was ejected from the vehicle

INDIANAPOLIS - RTV6 has learned more details of the investigation in the hit-and-run crash that killed a 7-month-old boy.

According to court documents, the Dodge Charger that rear-ended the Chevrolet was going 91 miles per hour.

The suspected driver in the crash, Gary Shinnamon , 30, faces four felony counts including reckless homicide and failure to stop after an accident resulting in death.  The crime happened last Tuesday when Shinnamon drove into the back of a Chevrolet on West 38th Street. The impact of the crash caused the Chevrolet to spin and crash. Baby Yeshua Shafford was ejected from the vehicle and later died.

Deputy Prosecutor Tom Hirschauer said that excessive speed was a factor in the cause of the crash.

"The speed limit at that location is 40 miles per hour. (Shinnamon) fled the scene after his own vehicle sustained enough damage that he could not leave the scene in any other fashion," Hirschauer said.

After the crash, Shinnamon told his passenger, "We got to go, I'm on probation," according to court documents. Shinnamon was on probation, for a prior DUI case, police said.

Shinnamon is being held on a $60,000 bond. His attorney said he will likely pursue a bond reduction hearing next week.

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