Carmel councilman proposes more Monon safety rules for bicyclists

Proposed ordinance presented Monday

CARMEL, Ind. - There could soon be a comprehensive law for users of recreation trails in Carmel designed to make the trail safer.

The city already has safety measures in place on the Monon, including speed limits and stop signs for trail users, but even at busy intersections, bikers often ignore the stop signs.

Councilman Ron Carter says that's dangerous.

"When you have someone get hit going at the speed of a walker by a bicycle going 15 to 20 mph, it's bad," Carter said. "It's also problematic for the bike rider, so we want to make it safe for all users."

Carter has proposed a comprehensive ordinance for the Monon that makes it easy for users to know the rules and for police to enforce them.

The ordinance, which addresses bicycle use throughout Carmel, was given a first read at the Carmel Common Council's meeting on Monday .

If passed, the ordinance would also prohibit retractable leashes for dogs on the trail.

There seems to be support for more safety measures.

"When bikers go by, they're flying and they'll say on your left and assume that as a walker, I'm going to get over," said Julie Musgrave, of Carmel.

"We all want to share it," said Tracy Stoner. "Walkers want to walk and bikers want to bike, but it's for everyone, really."

If the new safety law passes, violators could face fines up to $100 for their first offense and $250 for subsequent offenses.

Read more about Ordinance D-2137-13 .



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