Carmel High School student accused of dealing pot between classes

Student says he received shipments from Calif.

CARMEL, Ind. - Police say they’ve arrested a student from Carmel High School who was dealing marijuana between classes, after a principal found text messages about drug deals on the student's cellular phone.

The assistant principal notified police after she said several text messages were found on the boy’s phone describing several different drug-selling transactions during school hours on campus.

When police arrived at the school before Christmas break, a drug dog sniffed around the student’s car, where officers report they found marijuana stuffed into a prescription bottle, a smoking pipe and $2,645 in cash tucked into the glove box.

On Friday, Carmel Police told Call 6 Investigators they booked the 17-year-old student on two felony charges of dealing marijuana and possession of marijuana. Both are Class D felony crimes, made more serious by the fact that the crimes happened on school property. 

The cases are now being prosecuted in Hamilton County Juvenile Court, according to police.

The student’s name was not released due to his age. He lives with his parents in an apartment complex on Westhaven Circle in Carmel.

In court papers, officers write that they read the boy his Miranda rights and then allowed him to speak to his parents before officers began interrogating him about the schoolhouse drug deals.

Police reported that the boy admitted to receiving three shipments of marijuana from California over the past two months, with each box containing about 120 grams of marijuana for him to sell at school.

Each box was sent from California to a vacant address in Fishers, where the boy would pick it up.

In those same court papers, police said the student claimed he was only selling to five or six customers, but he did admit that the $2,645 in the glove box was earned from selling marijuana at school.

Police have now obtained a search warrant for the student’s iPhone, asking a judge to allow them to look for voice messages, text messages, a history of his contacts and any photographs stored on the phone.

Carmel Clay School District leaders could not be reached for comment due to the New Year break from classes, so it was unclear on Friday whether the student is suspended or expelled from school.

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