Carmel residents worry that vacant land could be used for 24-hour gas station

Realtor says no gas station planned

CARMEL, Ind. - There is opposition and concern over a development project in Carmel, and residents are expected to speak out at a meeting Tuesday night.

Homeowners in the Williamson Run neighborhood off 96th Street say they're worried a 24-hour gas station might soon go up nearby, and they think it could impact their safety and property values.

Neighbors are speaking out about the development of land off 96th and Randall Drive that leads into their neighborhood.                       

"If we've got small children playing in front yards, and you've got people who are not part of the neighborhood cutting through often at high rates of speed…  And, I think a lot of it is a safety concern," said Jennifer Cassidy, a Williamson Run resident.

The land is owned by Rob Butler, who wants to put in a Hyundai dealership on part of the land. 

Residents aren't so concerned with that, but they are worried about the out lots by the dealership, and they want assurances that a 24-hour gas station will not be built there.

Michael Sloan, the realtor that sold Rob Butler the property, said there are no specific plans to build -- or not build -- a gas station on the dealership's out lot.

Still, many residents are on edge, with traffic, safety and property value concerns on their mind.

"Traffic may flow not just on 96th but through our neighborhood either to or away from the gas station," Cassidy said. "Anybody coming from the north, that's going to be the closest way to get to it. So, it may increase traffic in the middle of the night trying to get to the gas station." 

Sloan said Tuesday night's plan commission hearing deals only with putting a dealership on the property, but several homeowners are expected to attend the hearing to make their voices heard.

The Carmel Plan Commission will hold a public hearing Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in the City Hall council chambers.

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