Cat tortured by IU student found alive, recovering at shelter

Lennox expected to make full recovery

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - A kitten that was stolen from a Bloomington animal shelter and tortured has been found alive, the shelter reported.

Bloomington Animal Care and Control took to Facebook to share the news that the kitten, Lennox, was found in the woods by some Indiana University students.

According to police, Lennox ended up in the woods after IU student Christopher Gugliuzza stole the cat from the shelter, tortured it in various ways then threw it into the woods.

Gugliuzza was arrested and charged with theft and animal cruelty.

Roommates Brady Tribble and Dylan Warren are the students found Lennox in the woods behind their apartment and took her in.

"I wanted to make sure it wasn't hurt before I just picked it up, and it appeared to be fine other than it looked traumatized," Tribble said. 

Tribble and Warren took Lennox in and cared for her until they saw the media reports about her and returned her to the shelter.

"I can't even express, because I just  feel so bad for it," said Warren. "I have two cats at home and I'm so close to both of them. I just can't imagine... harmless animal that did nothing wrong, it just doesn't make any sense." 

Doctors say Lennox is doing well, but she has a fever and is still in the hospital.

"Following an exam and x-rays, we are so happy to report that she appears to be doing well and there is every indication she will make a full recovery," the shelter posted on Facebook Wednesday.

There is a family waiting to adopt Lennox when she's fully recovered.

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