Celadon trucking changes driving policy after deadly accident

Deaths of two Michigan men spurs change

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis-based trucking company is changing a major driving policy after a jury‘s recent $18.5 million award to the widows of two Michigan men killed in an accident on I-94 near Portage.

Daniel Van Dyke and Richard Hannah died after a Celadon truck driver slid out of control on the ice and struck their vehicle. Valparaiso attorney Kenneth J. Allen filed the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the victims‘ families.

He says Celadon‘s efforts to save money on truck fuel ended, in this case, with disastrous results.

Allen said Celadon fought their contention that the cruise control policy was wrong, but, in the end, realized it had to be changed.   

Celadon‘s vice president of risk management Ken Core said the company now trains its drivers not to use cruise control during inclement weather. Allen says the jury verdict in support of safety laws will save more lives in the future.

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