Cell phone sale gone wrong results in 3 arrests

2 men, woman arrested at White Castle

INDIANAPOLIS - Three people were arrested in Indianapolis on Monday after what police described as a cell phone sale gone wrong in Johnson County.

Bargersville police said that Justin Witt, Jerry Dunkerson and Sharla Harris showed up at a man's home after agreeing to buy a cell phone from him.

Investigators said the suspects didn't have enough money for the asking price, so Witt robbed the seller of the phone at knifepoint before leaving the home.

The victim gave police a description of the suspects and information about how they could track the phone's location through GPS.

Police tracked the trio to Indianapolis, where Indianapolis police arrested them at a White Castle at Shelby and Raymond streets.

Witt was arrested on an armed robbery charge. Dunkerson and Harris both face robbery charges.

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