Child, 2, drowns in Morgan Co. swimming pool

Damon Nicely had been visiting grandmother

MOORESVILE, Ind. - A 2-year-old boy died early Thursday after he was pulled from a pool in northern Morgan County Wednesday night, police said.

The child lived in Indianapolis with his parents, but had been in Mooresville to visit his grandmother at her home in the 11000 block of Mann Road.

Damon Nicely was rushed to St. Francis Hospital after he was pulled from his grandmother's pool in Mooresville.

His father, Bobby Nicely, said his son fell in the pool and by the time someone noticed, it was too late. Officials later confirmed the child had drowned.

"They said by the time they got there he was done. There was no reviving him. That's not right. My son didn't deserve this. Ain't nobody's kids deserve this. It's because of irresponsibility," Bobby Nicely said.

Police and Child Protective Services were investigating the drowning.

"It appears to be accidental (but) is still under investigation. The death will be reviewed by CPS, the Child Fatality Review team and the Morgan County prosecutor's office and they'll make any determination they need to make at that time," said Scott Hamilton with the Morgan County Sheriff's Department.

The drowning happened within the same week as two other drowning incidents. An 11-year-old girl drowned in her family pool in Lawrence on Monday and a 6-year-old girl drowned at an apartment complex pool Tuesday evening.

Officials said parents need to be vigilant in keeping tabs on their children.

"Parents need to be able to see their children at all times. Locked doors and fences are good to have and are required by law, but they won't stop a curious 2-year-old or 3-year-old. Parents have to retain the responsibility for watching their children," said Rich Trish, Training and Aquatic Risk Manager for Indy Parks.

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