Child abuse investigation launched after 1-year-old girl found with alcohol in system

Police: 1-year-old had 0.018 BAC

INDIANAPOLIS - Police have launched a child abuse investigation after alcohol was found in the blood of a 1-year-old girl.

The infant was brought into Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, where police were called Wednesday morning.

Officers wrote in their report that the infant's grandmother arrived home to find the child lethargic, with difficulty in waking up.

The baby was being cared for by a 17-year-old foster child at the family's home near 38th Street and Interstate 465 on the northwest side, according to the report

Police said that when the grandmother questioned that teenager, the girl claimed she had lost track of the baby while cleaning the house. 

The girl said that she then found the baby near an open bottle of orange mouthwash, but the girl told her grandmother she was unsure if the baby had swallowed any of the liquid, according to the report

She did say that the baby had orange stains around her mouth, police said

The grandmother then called the baby's mother at work, and the two decided to take the baby to the hospital, according to the report

Child Protective Services caseworkers then called police after blood tests showed the baby had a blood-alcohol content of 0.018.

No charges were immediately filed as CPS and police started their investigation.

Police said the child was being treated at the hospital on Wednesday morning, and the report did not indicate any serious or lasting health problems from the baby's ordeal.

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