Child plays with unattended candle, sparking house fire

INDIANAPOLIS - Indianapolis fire crews said a family was forced out of its home Sunday night after a fire was sparked by a child playing with a lit candle.

Indianapolis fire (IFD) officials said just after 9 p.m. Sunday, crews were sent to the 400 block of North State Street for the reported fire, which hurt no one.

A man who lived in the home said he had been watching TV with his girlfriend's children downstairs when he heard popping noises upstairs. He told investigators he found a blaze coming from an upstairs bedroom, and attempted to throw water on the fire, but failed to put it out. He got the children out and called 911.

A 4-year-old from the home told IFD investigators he was playing with a candle he had found in his mother's bedroom when the fire broke out. The mother was not home at the time.

Fire officials said this case is a reminder for parents to use extreme caution with children and fire. 

"Children are naturally curious about fire and should never have access to any dangerous item such as lighters, matches or candles," officials said.

Anyone with a child who has an unusual curiosity about fire should call the IFD Fire Stop Hotline at 317-327-3473.

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