Church invests thousands in its congregation to encourage good-doing

CARMEL, Ind. - A church recently put a lot of money into the hands of its big congregation in a sort of spiritual experiment. Now, there’s proof that a small investment to make the world better can really pay off.

Dr. John Moenning is an oral surgeon in Fishers, Ind. Nine years ago, along with a modest investment by his church, he developed what is now called the ISO Guard Mask. It’s used primarily by nurses to protect them from potentially harmful long-term exposure to anesthetic gases.

“I took the money that the church gave me and put it into this situation because I thought, ‘Let's see where God can take this,’" Dr. Moenning said.

The church gave Moenning and other members of the congregation a small amount of money to go out into their communities and do something good.

“That $10 has grown a lot that’s been given back the church,” Moenning said.

Members of the church were given another envelope here on Sunday. It contained various amounts of money from $10 to $50. But it was a lot of money for the church: a donation on their part of $83,000 to see what sort of good people can do.

The church’s only request was to explain where the money went. And on Monday, so far, these people had given to someone who lost a job and to the homeless.

“I don't think most people would have come up with that,” Northview Church pastor Steve Poe said. “To think that God wanted him to put that little bit with something big of money with something big in his life, and it showed John's heart."

Moenning tells RTV6 he donates a portion of his profits from his invention to the church. He expects that as the product takes off, his donation will only grow.

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