Church raises funds to help buy trauma kits for IMPD officers

Each kit can cost $100

INDIANAPOLIS - A southeast side church is trying to raise money to put trauma kits in the hands of 200 police officers.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are trained and well-equipped to prevent injuries and saves lives, but as the first to arrive on a scene of a serious injury, they lack the basic supplies to make a difference in the first critical minutes.

The contents of a gunshot wound trauma kit contain basic items, but when the kit is in the right hands, it is a powerful life-saving machine.

“A kit like this was put together by one of IMPD’s officers who was an army medic who came back to do his police duty. This is one of the kits that was used to actually save one police officer’s life that was shot a couple of years ago,” said Pastor Chris Holland with The Father’s House Church.

That officer was Jason Fishburn, who was shot in the head in July of 2008 by a murder suspect.

The trauma kit helped stabilize the wounded officer and saved precious minutes so that arriving medics could immediately transport him to the hospital.

Officer Wayne Shelton, a deacon at The Father’s House Church, said all officers have the training, but lack the basic necessities to save lives.

“There are times when officers have been injured and all you can do is use the shirt off your back or your hands or whatever you can grab to help these officers. Something like this, if every officer in our jurisdiction had them, it would help preserve life in our community,” Shelton said.

The trauma kits contain special bandages to treat chest wounds and bleeding, but they can cost $100 to put together.

“It’s our way of telling them as a community, we love you and we appreciate what you do, that you would sacrifice your life for us, even though you might not even know my name,” Holland said.

The church wants to put the life-saving kits in the hands of 200 officers by the middle of September.

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