City-County Council hikes sports ticket, rental car taxes to make up city's budget deficit

Ticket tax measure passes 16-12

INDIANAPOLIS - Prepare to pay a couple of bucks more for a ticket to see the Pacers, Colts and Indians.

In a tax-hike decision that divided the City-County Council -- even within parties -- the council voted 16-12 in favor of increasing the county admission tax to Capital Improvement Board venues.

The venues include Lucas Oil Stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Victory Field, and the tax has been bumped from 6 percent to 10 percent.

Council members did agreed no one wanted to raise the tax, but some said it was the only option Mayor Greg Ballard had left them.

"This council and the Democratic council has a gun held to their head," said Democratic Counselor Pamela Hickman. "Our family has been taken hostage. We have no choice but to do this, or we will not have money for public safety."

Ballard said the money will go to support the CIB budget and to offset the cost of public safety.

Prior to this agreement, the city had a $35 million budget deficit for 2014, which would have required massive cuts.

"I don't like it," said Republican Counselor Robert Lutz. "I will vote affirmatively only because… a person has a choice whether to pay this by going to a game or not going to a game."

Consumers will also see a hike next time they rent a car.

The Council passed a supplemental auto rental excise tax, increasing it from 4 to 6 percent. something ace rent-a-car spoke out against.

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