City of Indianapolis files lawsuit against 5 apartment complex owners

Lawsuit: Apartments are a drain on public safety

INDIANAPOLIS - Five Indianapolis apartment complex owners are facing lawsuits that allege they're operating buildings seen as a public nuisance and a drain on public safety.

The Call 6 Investigators have obtained the documents against five of the sites.

In each of the lawsuits, the city of Indianapolis wants the owners to immediately comply with health and safety standards, fix existing problems on their sites and pay for being a drain on city resources.

The seven-page lawsuit claims the owner of the Lake Marina Apartments located at 9501 Shoreland Court has "failed to adequately maintain, monitor or control real estate in a good state of repair."

The city says since 2009, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has had more than 1,160 runs to the east-side apartment complex. In 2013, IMPD responded to 53 calls for help involving homicide, assault, burglary, fraud and vandalism.

The owners of Lake Marina Apartments, Lake Marina Realty, LLC, are being asked to repay an unspecified amount for what the city considers an unreasonable volume of police, fire and health inspector visits.

Another complex targeted is Carmel Creek Apartments located near 34th Street and High School Road.
The owner of the property for the past five years is listed as LP XXIV, LLC. The city contends that between 2009 and 2013, IMPD made nearly 960 runs to the west-side complex.

The Harmony Park Place, located at 38th Street and Emerson Avenue, is owned by E2E1, Inc. Since September 2011, IMPD reports making at least 930 runs to the location. In 2013, officers generated nearly 130 police reports involving crimes such as assault, burglary, theft, harassment, narcotics and vandalism.

Aspen Village Company, LLC is also being taken to court. It owns the 220-unit complex known as Aspen Village Apartments on the city’s west side. Since 2010, there have been 243 runs by Metro police. In 2013, IMPD made 32 reports from criminal activity which ranged  from strong-armed robbery, assault, battery, burglary and harassment.

The other focus of the city’s enforcement action is Warren Harbor Apartments located on the east side at 2120 Yorkshire Court. The Call 6 Investigators reported on Friday that the Indianapolis Housing Agency deemed the complex was not safe or sanitary and demanded New Jersey-based WK Holdings and Julian Blumenthal repay more than $22,000.

The Call 6 Investigators also learned that the City of Indianapolis is targeting a real estate agent who recently lost his license. 

David Garden lost his license last Wednesday. City officials are seeking to hold him responsible for properties he rented out that were involved in crimes such as fraud and burglary. City officials said Garden owes about $21,000 in property taxes.

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