Co-workers dispute winning lottery ticket

1 claims winning ticket was purchased separately

INDIANAPOLIS - Eight hairstylists at Lou’s Creative Styles put money into an office lottery pool, but one of the eight co-workers claimed the earnings belong to her.

The $9.5 million winning ticket was purchased at a Speedway gas station on the city’s east side, and one of the stylists says the winning ticket was a separate ticket she purchased.

The attorney representing the other seven stylists filed a restraining order Wednesday to stop the Hoosier Lottery from paying out the winnings until the $9.5 million dispute is settled.

Attorney Scott Montross said the co-workers participated in lottery pools together for a long time.

Montross and his clients believe the winning ticket was bought at the same location where the group tickets were purchased.

“The group had an agreement that no personal ticket would be purchased at the same location to avoid something like this from happening,” Montross said.

Most of the customers at the Speedway where the winning ticket was sold thought the money should be divided.

“Split it up, definitely. There’s no reason to be greedy about it. Greed gets you nowhere in life,” Eric Foreman said.

Montross said he will ask a judge to extend the temporary restraining order next Wednesday when the matter will go before a judge.


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