Colts-Chiefs rivalry alive and well in Indianapolis office

INDIANAPOLIS - For one local Indianapolis business, the rivalry between Chiefs and Colts fans starts before employees even walk through the front door. Their parking lot has a sign that says “reserved for Chiefs fans only.”

That means all of those local Colts fans have to go around back.

Ruben Fiorenza, who along with his family owns CTW in Indianapolis, is responsible for the sign.

"We're Chiefs fans. That's the way it is and we’re going to put up Chiefs stuff," Fiorenza said.

CTW is a company that sells parts for truck manufacturing. But on Friday, there was other business that needed to be handled in the office.

"Just dogging back and forth who's going to win, who's not going to win," receptionist Paula Stock said.

Like most of the other employees, she’s a Colts fan first.

"When the Colts came here, I've been a diehard Colts fan from day one," Stock said.

On Friday, she wore her hometown uniform to show off to her bosses.

"We tease each other so it's kind of nice," she said.

But they don’t take it too far.

"They're careful on how far they push it. They work here," Fiorenza said.

Employees at CTW are ready for the big game this weekend and ready for the rivalry to continue on Monday.

"If we win, it'll be a great day. If we lose, they better be quiet,” Fiorenza said.

For more, watch the video. (Mobile users, head here to watch.)

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