Colts fans fall in line on NFL's new stadium security policy

Small clutches, plastic bags only

INDIANAPOLIS - The Colts lost their first pre-season game, but hours earlier, the fans passed their first test of the season.

The first pre-season game for the Colts brought another year of tailgating and renewed hope for a Super Bowl run.

“I like our chances,” Colts fan Brad Evans said. “We did good last year and obviously we've got a lot to build on but we'll be fine."

And the new season brings even more firsts, particularly the new stadium security policy from the NFL.

The new policy limits the size and type of bags allowed into stadiums starting in the pre-season. For women, purses no bigger than a clutch bag are allowed. Everything else must fit into clear plastic bags or a freezer bag.

And anything that won’t fit won’t come in.

“The reason behind this is to expedite entry into the stadium as well as to enhance public safety," Colts Ticket Manager Larry Hall said.

The NFL changed its security policy after the Boston Marathon bombings in April, tossing out large bags, purses and backpacks that were once allowed into stadiums.

And while most fans entering Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday knew of the new rule, not all of them liked it.

“No, I do not like the bag,” Indianapolis resident Kristi Sawyer said. “I like to have a little bit of privacy when I walk in here."

Others weren’t so fussed about using clear "NFL" bags as purses.

“I thought it was a little weird at first, but now that everyone has it, I don't care," Brownsburg resident Krystin Clore said.

The exception to the rule is medically necessary items, which must first be inspected at the gate. The league says its new security rules also make checking items more efficient and effective.

“It's a sign of our times,” Brownsburg resident David Ayers said. “It's an issue not about individuals, but keeping 65-70,000 people safe."

Indeed, it’s a new season with new rules on and off the field that are clearly game-changers.

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