Community rallies around historic Morristown restaurant damaged by fire

Owners already planning menu for reopening

MORRISTOWN, Ind. - The fire is out and the smoke has cleared from a historic Morristown restaurant, but the owners must now begin the process of assessing the damage left behind.

The Bluebird Restaurant sustained smoke, fire and water damage after a fire broke out at the Long Branch Saloon in the 150 block of East Main Street on Sunday evening.

Despite the damage, the owners of the Bluebird Restaurant said they are leaning on the support of an entire community to help them in the face of disaster just before the holidays.

"There is a lot of history in this town and in this building and that means the most to me," owner Donna Tracy said.

Tracy’s family owns the Bluebird Restaurant which has been a go-to spot on Main Street since the 1930s.

"So many people have so many memories there. As far as I know, tons and tons of people, that was their first job. I mean my aunt … that was her first job and she’s 60. So it’s the memories that were made there and of course it might reopen, but it won’t be the same," Morristown resident Lindsey Beckly said.

The ceiling will likely need to be replaced and the walls will need to be ripped out. Next door at the Long Branch Saloon, the entire roof caved in, but residents say the memories will never change. The owners hope new ones will be made soon.

"We’re fighters in this family. I’ve got a big family and our employees are family as well. Everyone is chipping in and the town is behind us. It’s been great," Tracy said.

Despite the damage, the owners are already planning a menu for when they can reopen the restaurant.

Tracy said the insurance company will come out to the restaurant as early as Tuesday to assess the damage for a better idea of when they can reopen.

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