Community says goodbye to 13-year-old boy lost in hit-and-run crash

KOKOMO, Ind. - It was a big showing Wednesday for a 13-year-old who died after a hit-and-run accident. The Kokomo teen was on a moped last Thursday when he and another teen were injured. Wednesday night, people waited in line for up to an hour to remember the middle schooler with a big smile.

Doctors have released the second 13-year-old hurt in the hit-and run crash, as hundreds of people came to pay their respects to the teen who didn't survive.

In his 13 years, Christian Reede has touched many lives. To his family and friends, his bright red hair was outshined by his brighter smile and spirit.

"He was never in a down mood,” friend Braeden Schafer said. “Every time I was around him he'd be having a great time."

"I never had children so he was like a grandson to me and I cherished him from day one," a family friend said.

Riley Hospital for Children officials said Reede died Friday from injuries a night after a hit-and-run wreck on a moped.

Kokomo police are looking for the person who they say hit Reede and another teen on County Road 300 South and Highland Springs Road. Whoever it was just kept on driving after they hit the teens.

"(It’s) worse than (leaving) an animal somewhere and just (driving) away without any compassion,” friend Paul Roberts said. “With them only being 13 years old, their life has been totally just snuffed out and they were just such nice kids that I can't even believe it. It just breaks my heart."

Police said they are looking for a 2005 to 2007 white truck, possibly a Ford or Mercury, with front-end damage.

"We just want to know that this guy is going to be caught,” friend Jordan Roberts said. “We'd just like him to come forward. Everybody makes mistakes but he needs to come forward so our family can have peace."

As police continue to investigate Christian Reede's family plans to bury him in Kokomo Tuesday morning. The funeral is at 11 a.m. at Shirley and Stout Funeral Homes.

Police ask anyone with any information about the hit-and-run wreck to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-8447 (TIPS).

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