Community seeks answers after deadly home break-in

Neighbors attend private meeting with detectives

INDIANAPOLIS - Almost a week has passed since a robber entered a home on the northwest side, fatally shot a man and fled in his car.

Last Friday morning, a masked gunman broke into the home of 67-year-old Thomas Tefft and his wife Laura, and by the time the gunman left in the Teffts' car, Thomas Tefft was dead.

The murder rattled the Harcourt Springs neighborhood.

"It's kind of scary just to know that they mentioned this was a random act," said neighbor Miles Sterrett. "They thought this was very random."

Harcourt Springs residents gathered for a private meeting Thursday to get the latest on the investigation directly from detectives and voice their concerns about crime in their neighborhood.

"I don't believe the whole notion that stuff like this doesn't happen in our neighborhood," said neighbor Gia Walker. "It happens everywhere. You move, it's going to happen there too."

Neighbors discussed improving safety measures and looking out for each other.

"There's been plenty of times I've left my garage door open by accident or something, and I get a call, 'Your garage door is open,' stuff like that," Walker said.

The masked killer took off in the Teffts' black 2009 Hyundai Sonata.

Detective said the car is still missing, and they have no suspects or leads in the case.

"It gets very frustrating, especially the circumstances," Detective Marcus Kennedy said. "I mean, this is what we call a true innocent victim, not that any of the other ones aren't, but this one especially. It could have been anybody, and just to have no information come through whatsoever, it's very frustrating."

The Teffts' missing 2009 black Hyundai Sonata has an Indiana Wesleyan license plate number IW813.

The suspect wore a ski mask and gray hoodie. He's described as a black male, 5 feet 9 inches tall, in his mid-20s.

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