Conflict brewing between popular Carmel bar, Carmel city leaders

Detour says mayor is ruining bar's parties

CARMEL, Ind. - Trouble is brewing between a popular bar in Carmel and Carmel city leaders over noise violations.

The mayor says the time for warnings is over and he's ready to crack down, but the owner of Detour says a huge event planned for Saturday is now ruined because of this battle with the city.

Detour planned to have their second annual pole day party sponsored by Indy car driver Alex Tagliani. The party will still go on -- but the owner of this place says it won't even compare to last year.

Mayor Jim Brainard says 35 complaints about the restaurant and bar last year has led to the current conflict.

"Unfortunately we have this one business that seems to be unable to operate within the rules and laws that we have," Brainard said.

But Detour co-owner Jeremiah Hamman said that's not the case.

Hamman said he and his staff use a decibel meter to monitor their noise level and the city has no proof that the restaurant has violated the ordinance.

"We don't even really know where the complaints originate from," Hamman said.

Brainard says the complaints have come from residents who live nearby and other business owners.

"People that can't talk in their living rooms half a block away," he said. "People are saying we can't enjoy a night out at one of the neighboring restaurants because of the noise coming from Detour."

Hamman says the restaurant is compliant, and he's upset that the city did not issue him a permit for the extravagant Pole Day party. Hamman said his plans for the party have been scaled back about 90 percent, and he wanted to have Indy cars parked outside as part of the festivities, but the city won't let that happen.

"I'm not asking for any favors. I just want to be able operate the restaurant, within the confines of the law of course," Hamman said.

Hamman says Detour has not received any citations of noise violations since last November, proof that his business is being a good corporate citizen. 



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